Mackenzie BearTalon

Mackenzie BearTalon

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hi everyone!

Hey people!
I'm Scarlet Beartalon, and my sister is Mackenzie!

She's very kindly asked me to contribute as an author to this blog, so I said sure!


Email us at poppantherz75[at]aol[dot]com!

~Scarlet Beartalon

Battling....with Jennifer Waterspear!

Jessica and I were battling in Dark Cave trying to get her leveled up today! Here's how it looked:
I cast an ICE SPELL!

Bird's eye view!

I cast a LIFE SPELL!

Good luck in all your battles everyone!
~Mackenzie Beartalon

Randomness with Jason Thunderpants!

Me and my new buddy Jason Thunderpants had a random dancing line today in the commons!

Check it out!

Who's awesome. I think you know... ;)

~Mackenzie Beartalon

Not Again....

Hey everyone. I'm sick still!! I can't believe it..I'm not usually sick. 
But, since I was sick, I got some time on the computer again.
Here's what I've done today on the internet.....
  • Played on Wizard101 Central
  • Blogged on Blogger
  • Watched videos on YouTube
  • Slept
That's right! I slept on the internet! (I don't exactly know how though.)

Here are some pictures of what I've done on Wizard101!
I looked at new pets in the crowns shop....
Went on a floating boat ride....
Hid in some random person's cellar....
Found some treasure....
And finally, I danced in the commons!

Until next time!

~Mackenzie Beartalon

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wizard101 Central!

Hi guys.....Do you have a Central account? If not, you should get one, because it's super fun!
Join right here:
You could.....
  • Create a clan or army!
  • Order a signature or avatar!
  • Join a social group!
  • Talk to your friends!
  • Find people who want to trade cards!
  • Enter contests!
And much more...Here are some signatures and avatars I've ordered.....



Sig 1: Made by Autumn Ice
Sig 2: Made by Dots
Avatar 1: Spike
Avatar 2: thefirstLionflower

Look up these artists on Central and they'll get you one of these, all for free!

~Mackenzie Beartalon

Oh no!

Hey everyone! Today, well, I'm sick. I stayed home from school, because I had a fever...
So I got some extra time on Wizard101! Here is what I've done today....

I did some shopping...
I played with my pets...
Drank some root beer...
And I took a short vacation!

Hopefully I'll be better tomorrow. 
Until then!
~Mackenzie Beartalon

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Cancer Walk

Hey everyone!

Something I'm very deep about is cancer. It's something that really makes me very emotional whenever I talk about it. In 4th grade, I lost a close friend to cancer. She had only just turned 10 (about a week before she died) and well, it was sad. So I was very happy when I heard that there was going to be a Wizard101 Cancer Walk. Evil Theurgist is the host, and I'm just excited he decided to host it.
Date: Saturday, September 17, 6:00 p.m. EST
Realm: All of Vampire Realm
Here's a video, showing the route we'll walk for it....
All credit goes to Evil Theurgist for hosting this!
I don't own the video!

Here's a link to the blog post that Evil Theurgist posted for this year's walk....
Thanks soooo much and please come!
There will be prizes, contests, fun, awareness, and more!!!

~Mackenzie Beartalon~Avid Central member~ Adept~Leader of TLA~Lover of Wizard101